Kaiwhakarautaki - Iwi Impact Strategist

Whanganui District Health Board

  • Full Time Fixed Term
  • Manawatū-Whanganui

Kaiwhakarautaki - Iwi Impact Strategist
Impact Collective - Rangitīkei, Ruapehu, South Taranaki and Whanganui
Impact Collective Operational Team
Fixed term, Full time (to June 2022)

Ko te kaupapa | About the role

The Impact Collective - Rangitīkei, Ruapehu, South Taranaki and Whanganui seeks an enthusiastic and talented Kaiwhakarautaki - Iwi Impact Strategist to join our futures thinking team. The successful candidate will demonstrate an eagerness and ability to engage with the whanau, hapū, iwi and communities within the rohe of the Impact Collective - Rangitīkei, Ruapehu, South Taranaki and Whanganui. 

This Co-leadership position reports through to the Manu Taki and trust board of the Impact Collective - Rangitīkei, Ruapehu, South Taranaki and Whanganui, the Kaiwhakarautaki - Iwi Impact Strategist will be involved in a wide range of projects that strengthen and enhance the Impact Collective - Rangitīkei, Ruapehu, South Taranaki and Whanganui reach and influence. 

We need an enterprising impact strategist who is well connected with whānau, hapū and iwi within the Rangitīkei, Ruapehu, South Taranaki and Whanganui regions, and includes a robust network for Mātauranga Māori and local tikanga. 

Preference will be given to candidates with additional skills such as:

  • Strong cultural awareness especially with regard to application and knowledge of the Articles and Principles of Te Tiriti O Waitangi / The Treaty of Waitangi.
  • Solid understanding of equity in the context of Aotearoa New Zealand and in particular our rohe. 

Comprehensive understanding of Te Ao Māori, Mātauranga Māori, Tikanga Māori, and Te Reo Māori. 


Through leadership that maintains the vision of thriving communities and upholds the Impact Collective - Rangitīkei, Ruapehu, South Taranaki and Whanganui values, this role is primarily accountable for:

  • Assisting the Manu Taki and the Impact Collective Governance Leadership Team with developing, communicating, executing, and sustaining thriving communities strategic initiatives.
  • Being an expert advisor to the Impact Collective - Rangitīkei, Ruapehu, South Taranaki and Whanganui Team in terms of whānau, hapū and iwi relationships which include robust networks for Mātauranga Māori and local tikanga.
  • Through working with our whānau, hapū, iwi and communities, conduct a community needs analysis (Community Wellness and Equity Profile) and report back to Impact Collective Governance Leadership Team around the findings. 
  • Ensuring the community voice is heard, advocated and actioned.
  • Ensure pro-equity decision making processes are heard, advocated and actioned.
  • Leading and developing policies, procedures and strategies to realise ‘thriving communities’.
  • Supporting the development of social governance networks at an operational level to enable strategic commissioning as agreed by the Impact Collective Governance Leadership Team.
  • Working ‘on the system’ and not ‘in the system’ to enable a helicopter view from the communities perspective to participating organisations.
  • Through working with iwi and our communities, increase the level of community engagement with the Impact Collective - Rangitīkei, Ruapehu, South Taranaki and Whanganui and contribute towards enabling Thriving Communities.  This work is part of the on-going engagement, though will be determined and evidenced through multimedia contributions, holding and supporting events, facilitation and community participation. 

Ko wai mātou | Who are we

About Us:

The Impact Collective - Rangitīkei, Ruapehu, South Taranaki and Whanganui is a collective of Iwi, local council, DHB, Police, Ministry of Social Development Te Puni Kōkiri representatives, formed in the immediate aftermath of the nationwide level 4 lockdown response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Since then, through an integrated social governance model, the impact collective has continued with the renewed purpose to nurture a regenerative economy within a thriving community that creates wellbeing for all people, our whenua and the planet. 

Across the Whanganui Rohe (Ruapehu, Rangitikei, Whanganui and South Taranaki) there are a number of organisations and government agencies working towards outcomes and delivering services to our communities. The coming together of organisations to address social (health, housing etc), economic and environmental factors ensures that all of the community, all of a whānau, and all of an individual are considered as part of the decision making process – no one element is to be perceived in isolation. 

The Impact Collective are seeking to keep this sense of integrated social cohesion and governance and ensure that this becomes the ‘new-normal’ in response to the impacts of Covid-19 in Aotearoa New Zealand. To enable this, we are creating a ‘Impact Collective Operational Team’ to work with our communities, to baseline a rohe wide ‘Community Wellbeing and Equity Profile’. This baselining will bring together the organisational statistics which are aligned to the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (thinking Global), Treasury’s Living Standards Framework (aligning Nationally) and to a localised Whānau Ora framework (acting regionally/locally), alongside the ‘stories and narratives’ which are collated during community wide engagement. By collating the ‘Stats and the Stories’ for the communities, we are able to present a holistic wellness picture of our communities to the membership of the Impact Collective - Rangitīkei, Ruapehu, South Taranaki and Whanganui, the New Zealand Government, and most importantly, our communities.

For more information about our beautiful rohe/region visit: https://www.visitwhanganui.nz/https://www.visitruapehu.com/ and  http://rangitikei.com/

Me pēhea te tono | How to apply

For more information, please contact Julie Whyte, Recruitment Coordinator on jobs@wdhb.org.nz or (06) 348 8911 or apply online at www.wdhb.org.nz/work-for-us

Rā Katinga | Applications close

Applications close:  23 May 2021
Vacancy: 05-KIIS-5928

Ko au ko tōku whānau, ko tōku whanau ko au
Nothing about me without me, and my whānau/family


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