Ngā Kaihautū Tikanga Taiao - Tumuaki

Environmental Protection Authority

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Make history with us – The Environmental Protection Authority 

As New Zealand’s environmental regulator, the work we do today helps shape the future of Aotearoa. 

Our role is to help protect our country’s unique way of life by looking out for the health of its environment, economy and people.  Finding the right balance between these different priorities means we play a key role in safeguarding our identity, oceans, flora and fauna while supporting economic growth and considering the interests of Māori.

Our statutory Māori advisory committee, Ngā Kaihautū Tikanga Taiao (Ngā Kaihautū), is appointed by, and accountable to, the EPA Board.  Ngā Kaihautū provides advice to the Board and to the EPA to ensure Māori perspectives are taken into account in our policies, processes and decisions. 

We also have a dedicated team, Kaupapa Kura Taiao (Māori Policy & Operations Group) that provides advice and support across the organisation ensuring the EPA’s decisions fulfil our statutory and other obligations to Māori. 

The opportunity 

We are looking for an experienced Tumuaki (Chairperson) to lead Ngā Kaihautū. Members provide a broad overview of Māori interests and perspectives, rather than representing their individual iwi, and work closely with the EPA’s Kaupapa Kura Taiao team. The Tumuaki will work closely with the Chair of the EPA. 

This role would be a commitment of five full-day meetings (per year), which generally require travel to Wellington, and between five and 20 hours per month, depending on the group’s work programme.

We are looking for someone with:

  • Proven governance knowledge and experience  - a high level of experience is required 
  • A deep understanding of te ao, tikanga and mātauranga Māori
  • Experience in working in the public sector
  • Strong relationships with iwi and/or other Māori groups across Aotearoa
  • A passion and interest in the environment and the role that the EPA plays in protecting Aotearoa
  • Relevant end-user/stakeholder industries or organisations, commercial and business (eg forestry, farming, fishing), macro-economics, and sustainability
  • Resource and environmental management experience 
  • Knowledge and expertise in the areas of public policy, planning, public administration, and legal

How to apply

For more information please contact or check out our website


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