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Recruiters is an advertising and search support service for recruitment agencies and employers. We recognise that occasionally recruiters and employers have positions that require addition assistance to ensure they are filled in a timely manner.

Services include:

advertising on the mahi web site
job profiles in the e-mail chain
search support services
translation of advertisements

Advertising on the mahi website. The heart of is web advertising of Māori-focused positions. That is, positions within kaupapa Māori organisations, or positions that require some skills in te reo or knowledge of tikanga Māori.

This page contains information of why advertising here can be good for your organisation, and on our other services. For information on how to advertise click here.

E-mail information chain

Along with the web advertisements, each week we e-mail our contacts - who number in the 1000s- details of some vacancies on the site. All paying advertisements are automatically included in one of these e-mails. There is a small charge for repeat usage of the e-mail chain, and for positions which are advertised at no cost on the website.

Why advertise here

Although quantifying the precise results of any one promotional method is difficult, there are some obvious benefits in using the mahi site. First, our service uniquely offers an association with te ao Māori. In essence we are a Māori-owned and operated company seeking to promote opportunities to people who associate with te ao Māori (the Māori world). Because we are not a recruitment consultancy we have the most complete listing of Māori-focused positions in the country - and this attracts visitors interested in applying their te reo skills or tikanga knowledge in the workplace. While, due to commercial sensitivity, we do not release information about web traffic, we are very confident that this site is the most popular and most used Māori-focused job advertising service.

Other benefits are the speed and market repetition gained through using the service. The web and e-mail chain offer the ability to fill positions very fast when this is necessary, and the mahi service has assisted employers find new employees in around 10 working days. Additionally all promotional strategies should seek full 'market saturation' to get the best results. While some positions are advertised only on this site, often advertisements here are complemented with other promotional strategies to ensure the full audience is informed, and also to provide another opportunity for potential candidates to think about the vacancy.

One of the real keys to the success of this service is that it lets people know of opportunities available in a very easy and unobtrusive manner. This is important as often the right candidates are already working and do not need to scan situation vacant pages or mainstream job web sites. The mahi site, with its unique focus and e-mail information chain, offers an excellent means of attracting the attention of this audience in a positive and approachable manner. For this reason we do not e-mail our contacts more than once a week or undertake specific recruitment projects - our role is to help bring together employers and candidates, not to select candidates or promote any one position over another.

Still not convinced? The only way to really find out about this service is to trial it! Use the advertising form to send in an advertisement - and remember to gather information from applicants on where they heard about your vacancy.

Search services

We offer search services to recruitment consultancies and employers. Our search service works by tapping into our extensive contacts within te ao Māori. This service is ideal for recruitment consultants or employers with an occasional need to recruit people with te reo skills or tikanga knowledge. We have a few different search methodologies, depending on need, although the aim is generally to identify a small number of potential candidates suitable for a vacancy. Once suitable candidates are identified we initiate discussion between these prospective applicants and recruiters / employers. The service is designed to enhance and support the core selection techniques, skills, and advice of recruitment consultants. For further details please contact Pori.


The positions advertised on the mahi website are generally attractive to people who have an appreciation for te reo Māori and tikanga Māori. Placing your advertisement in te reo Māori demonstrates to these people the desire to promote and encourage bilingualism. For this reason we strongly encourage advertisers to place a bilingual advertisement. To support this we offer translation of advertisements at low cost. Please contact Pori for further information.

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