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Diabetes New Zealand

Closing Date : 06 Mar 2020

Diabetes New Zealand (DNZ) is a nation-wide non-governmental charitable trust.  DNZ respresents and supports people with diabetes.  DNZ’s national office is located in Wellington with local branches that deliver local support networks.

DNZ has recently changed its status from an incorporated society to a charitable trust governed by a Trust Deed.  DNZ is seeking applications for up to 2 trustees to bring the trust board to its maximum number of 8 trustees.  Trustees are appointed for a term of 3 years but may serve for another two terms of 3 years.

A trustee must be a person who, is capable of adding value to DNZ and to the Board through their skills and experience.

Relevant skills and experience for these positions should include one or more of the following:

  • Experience in governance role/s
  • Experience in delivering health and wellbeing initiatives that benefit Maori or Pasifika
  • Experience in delivering health programmes relating to diabetes - diet, insulin and exercise
  • Knowledge of public sector health policy
  • Delivery of community health programmes/initiatives

This is a governance position.  The Trust board meets 6 times per year and may meet for a short period by video conference in between.  The position pays a small honorarium.

In making appointments Clause 2.2 requires the Trust Board to have regard to the following criteria

(a)     the Board shall use reasonable endeavours to ensure that a number of Trustees are persons who are affected by diabetes or have a family member who is affected by diabetes;

(b)     consideration shall also be given to the need to reflect the diversity and geographic spread of New Zealand’s communities;

(c)      candidates must also be capable of providing governance skills and experience sought by the Board that will add value to Diabetes New Zealand; and

(d)     any other criteria adopted by the Board from time to time.

If you are interested please provide a brief written personal statement about yourself, your suitability and your reasons for applying to be a trustee.

Applications must be received by the Chief Executive’s office no later than 5PM Friday 6 March 2020 The Chief Executive will send all applications received to the Board to make a decision.

You may post your application in confidence to Heather Verry, Chief Executive, Diabetes New Zealand, PO Box 12441, Wellington 6144 or email 


How are trustees appointed?

The Trust Board is responsible for selecting and appointing trustees. The Trust Board is able to determine its own process for identifying, assessing and appointing trustees, but the process must include advertising publicly.

 What skills is the Trust Board looking for in a trustee?

A trustee must be a person whom the Trust Board thinks is capable of providing areas of competency that the Board seeks. This Board is in particular looking for strengths in governance and delivery of public health initiatives and services.

Who can apply?

Anyone can apply so long as they are not an employee of DNZ.

When will the Trust Board make a decision?

The Trust Board will consider all applications received and make a decision. The Board will inform all applicants of the outcome of their application before publicly announcing the successful candidate.

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