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General Manager Population Health

General Manager Population Health

General Manager Population Health

Hawkes Bay District Health Board

Closing Date : 10 Jul 2019

Are you looking for a senior leadership role where you can, and will, deliver initiatives with wide-reaching benefits to those who need them most?

Hawke's Bay District Health Board is serious about not only reducing health inequities but achieving equal health outcomes for our entire population in the region of 165,000 people. As part of our focus on population health, we've made a real commitment to addressing fundamental issues around access to healthcare. With fresh modelling and new roles, we've got a solid plan. And one of those new roles is yours.

As General Manager Population Health, you'll bring strong and consistent leadership and strategic direction to develop initiatives and strategies to improve health in Hawke's Bay. You'll be ultimately responsible for each team and ensure that each team achieves within their focus areas. You'll also work with the Ministry of Health and other funders to contract and prioritise population health projects.

If you're interested in population health, this is your opportunity to make some major achievements in this space. Perhaps you're looking for a step up for your career, or you might already be operating at this level but want to be part of our accomplishments. Either way, you'll be able to relate to the regions and their needs and be able to channel your skills and expertise into population health if you're not already working in the sector.

You could be joining us from another region or an urban area, and you'll certainly find a good life in Hawke's Bay, if you like sunshine, the outdoors, stunning scenery, and a great lifestyle.

There's no doubt that we're charting the course for the rest of the country. Hawke's Bay is a region that makes our lofty goals really achievable - the populations big enough to give scale to the initiatives, but small enough to allow for penetration. It's also a region with a number of communities who really need our help, and HBDHB is absolutely determined to improve the lives of those residents.

That determination is something we're rapidly becoming known for in the health sector, and that reputation will only grow as we start to deliver on our expectations.

Is there any better use for your leadership skills and strategic thinking?

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