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Te Ahurei

Te Ahurei

Te Ahurei

Rotorua Lakes Council

Closing Date : 30 Apr 2019

Ko te whakaariki
Ko te whakaariki
Tukua mai kia piri
Tukua mai kia tata
Kia eke mai ki runga i te paepae poto a Houmaitawhiti

Rotorua Lakes Council is committed to working in partnership with Te Arawa as mana whenua, for the betterment of the district. Reflecting this partnership, the senior position of Te Ahurei has two important dimensions:

  • Working within Te Arawa and with Te Arawa leadership to clearly articulate and progress important strategic issues and areas of endeavour with RLC.
  • Supporting the Council’s governance and senior leadership to build constructive iwi relationships and work effectively in partnership with Te Arawa and its various entities.

Council staff often work directly with Te Arawa communities and entities, including on sensitive and complex matters. Often Council works on issues that are the subject of significant debate within the community and also within Te Arawa. Te Ahurei position supports Council to navigate through complex mattersand to engage effectively with Te Arawa. This can include supporting Council staff, chairing meetings and assisting in finding solutions.

Te Ahurei should also have the ability to draw together diverse Te Arawa aspirations and support Te Arawa to reach collective views. Increasingly, Council is being asked to provide a leadership role in social wellbeing. Te Ahurei should have the ability to encourage discussions and collective alignment within Te Arawa on the strategic issues facing the district.

The most important role requirement is that Te Ahurei must have the confidence of Te Arawa. While acknowledging the mana whenua status of Ngati Whakaue within the central city of Rotorua, Te Ahurei must be able to engage as a peer with senior leadership across Te Arawa. It is likely that he or she will already hold senior leadership roles within Te Arawa, and so any perceptions of conflict must be carefully managed, to ensure that Te Arawa have confidence in Te Ahurei.

Consequently this position has a high level of accountability within and to Te Arawa and its leadership through the Chairs of Te Tatau o Te Arawa and Te Arawa Lakes Trust, whilst being employed by Rotorua Lakes Council, reporting to the Chief Executive.  The person appointed to this position will be regarded as a person of credibility, mana and influence within Te Arawa. They will also have the ability to work confidently and effectively as a senior leader within a large and complex organisation such as the Council.

For job related information and to apply, please visit:

For confidential enquiries, contact or phone 07 3518108.

Applications close 30 April 2019

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