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This page contains information on how to advertise through For information on why organisations use this site, and information on our other services here click to go the recruiters page.

How to advertise

Advertising on the site is easy. Simply complete the form below, or send in an e-mail with the advertisement attached. Advertisements are placed on the site within one working day, and confirmation of this is provided to advertisers via e-mail. Advertisements can stay on the site for up to six weeks.

General pricing information

For ten years web advertising has been free or by koha for community organisations that tautoko te iwi Māori and approach us directly. To us these types of organisations are Trusts or Societies that provide benefits to Māori, and are employing staff directly. However due to stringent times we have to start charging for this service.

There is an advertising charge for positions in corporates or in the public sector, or sponsored by public sector agencies. Yet web advertising is cost-effective when compared against other mediums, and this site is no exception. Our advertising rates are also competitive with other New Zealand job vacancy sites, and are typically 10-20% cheaper than the market average.

For employers who use this site regularly there is also a prepaid purchasing option for ten advertisements, which provides a useful discount over single purchases.

For current pricing information please e-mail or call Pori (021-404-504).

Submit an advertisement

Please note only hit the submit information button once and we will receive the ad. You will receive confirmation that the advertisement is uploaded within one working day.

Advertisement Information
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